Buena Vista

One of the most popular places to walk, Buena Vista is full of well-manicured gardens, old trees, stately homes, and hilly sidewalks.

Welcome to Buena Vista

You’ll know you are officially a Winston-Salemite when you pronounce this neighborhood’s name correctly.  It’s called “Byoo-nuh Vih-stah” in these parts, which takes some getting used to if you aren’t from around here. Despite the painfully mispronounced name, this neighborhood, located just northwest of downtown Winston-Salem, is a lovely one.

Buena Vista is practically bordering downtown, yet it’s a quiet area with beautiful tree-lined streets and gorgeous homes. When the spring flowers start popping, the neighborhood overflows with walkers, joggers, strollers, and bikes. The homes range from modest to mansions, with many historic houses built by Winston’s founding families. A handful of shops and restaurants border the neighborhood, making Buena Vista a great place to spend a morning or afternoon.

I love the Buena Vista sidewalks. I walk all over! Often I don’t have a plan of where to walk. I just go. I have some favorite houses in each street that I love to study. I imagine what beauty is in some of the back gardens. We always encounter other walkers and let the dogs meet. Sidewalks are a great way to make a neighborhood feel neighborly. 

– A. Jarrell

Our Favorite Buena Vista Spots

There are not many "Buena Vista" businesses, but there are some truly outstanding ones! Check the full list here.

Inside Buena Vista

  • Buena Vista Sipping Society – what started out as a few friends has grown to a monthly neighborhood tradition. Get to know your neighbors at this casual monthly BYOB event.
  • Whitaker Elementary School – located in the heart of Buena Vista is this excellent public school that also serves as the neighborhood’s park. You’ll see kids learning to ride bikes in the parking lot or teens playing basketball every weekend here.
  • Buena Vista Monthly – the neighborhood has its own monthly magazine that automatically ships free to all residents. It contains profiles of neighbors, pictures of pets, recipes, and more.

When we decided to open The Boho Depot, we knew location was key. We knew the area very well because this is our home turf and residence. The Reynolda Road area was well established, had so much charm, and wonderful neighbors/anchors. It was the perfect choice for us! Everybody has welcomed us with open arms and truly cares about supporting local businesses. 

– S. Howard