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The Best Burgers in Winston Salem

While we are all for a fancy night out, sometimes what you really need is a fantastic burger with a big ol’ side of fries. If you know the burger need well,  (and hey, maybe this is your daily need - we don’t judge), check out our top picks for the best burgers in W-S! And if you have others you think need to be on the list tag us in your Instagram posts (@bestofwinston or #bestofwinston), so we can see your evidence! 


Hops Burger Bar


Hailing originally from Greensboro, Hops Burger Bar landed in Winston-Salem in 2019 and immediately climbed its way into our burger-loving-sights. We don’t know if what we are into more are the burgers or their “Wall of Fries” but we can’t get enough of either. (Let’s be honest… it’s both.) Hops Burger Bar also boasts a burger special of the day, so if you work your way through all of their regular burgers you will still find something new every time that will surprise and delight. 


Surprise and delight your life with: ‘The Spicy Goat’ burger with goat cheese, applewood bacon, sweet & spicy pepper jelly & lettuce. We’re a sucker for the spicy & sweet combo. Pick any choice of fries to go with this - anything/everything/multiple things. Again, no judgment here.




What doesn’t Foothills do well? As far as we have seen, everything they roll out is a homerun. But today let’s stay on topic: their burgers. Boasting several different options, Foothills manages to meet all our burger dreams with every burger, overflowing with deliciousness and large enough that you may even be able to have enough for lunch the next day, if you’re the type of person who has restraint.


Ensure a perfect burger experience with: ‘The Dirty South’ burger - pimento cheese, bacon, tomato, fried pickle. Please just take our money already. We suggest pairing with the sweet potato fries and honey mustard for a dipping sauce. 




Local W-S people may not know that our Crafted friends originally hail from Greensboro where they own two other restaurants - ‘Crafted: The Art of the Taco’ (first edition) and ‘Crafted: The Art of Street Food.’ (As a personal note, Crafted catered my wedding many moons ago. Making me all sentimental…) Crafted made all our dreams come true by opening a W-S based location and expanding their amazing taco menu to also include a wide selection of burgers. Thank you, Crafted. We appreciate you.


Spice up your life with: ‘The Poppin’ Jalapeno’ - jalapeno bacon, jalapeno ranch, pepper-jack cheese, plus a jalapeno and cream cheese fritter. Pair this with literally anything. Chips, salsa, guac, fries… anything or everything.




It is the mark of a truly excellent burger when you can keep it basic, classy, and still create a mouth-watering experience that’ll leave people talking. We’re not quite sure how they do it, but their simple Bistro Burger has been the ultimate lunch-break highlight of many a workday for the team behind-the-scenes of Best of Winston. We also have zero chill about their salt & malt fries and the dipping sauce that comes with them. 


Keep it classy with: ‘The Bistro Burger’ - cheddar, dijon, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles on a house-made everything bun. Do not, I repeat, do not sub out the fries and do NOT skip the bun. Live a little. (No, a lot.)


Small Batch


Small Batch is one of those places that when somebody suggests all my taste buds light up and go “Say yes, say yes, say yes.” Maybe it’s the fact that we feel like there is an intimate yet energetic party going on every time we step in, or the fact that we have literally never ordered any burger there we didn’t like, but needless to say  we’re a fan. A top fan, even. Keep it up Small Batch - whatever you’re doing, you are doing it right!


Get your foodie on with: ‘The Morning After’ - fried egg, bacon, fries, pepper jack & grilled onions. Obviously order fries to go with and you have yourself a party.


Happy eats, friends!




Michelle Kline is a contributing author to the Best of Winston blog, and maintains her own daily writings on the site She also happens to own our favorite Winston Salem based pet care business, Ardmore Dog Walking & Pet Services. If you are looking for in-home pet care services for your dog, cat, or other small furry family member, we are thrilled to recommend them to you!

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