People of Winston

People of Winston: Ashley Armstrong

Get to know Ashley Armstrong, the daughter of two chefs and now a co-owner of Forsyth Seafood.

People of Winston: Ashley Johnson

Get to know Ashley Johnson, a photographer and artist with a bold and bright imagination.

People of Winston: Brittany McGee

Get to know Brittany McGee, a self-taught baker and the artist behind the Humble Bee Shoppe.

People of Winston: Brooke Eagle

Get to know Brooke Eagle, the publisher and force behind Forsyth Woman magazine.

People of Winston: Calvin Peña

Get to know Calvin Peña, a certified Sommelier and self-proclaimed “bar geek” originally from the West Coast.

People of Winston: Cashavelly Morrison

Get to know Cashavelly Morrison, a musician on Rolling Stone’s list of “Artists You Need to Know.”

People of Winston: David Mullen

Get to know David Mullen, president and partner at The Variable, a major ad agency based in Winston.

People of Winston: DJ Hargrave

Get to know this co-owner of Twin City Fashion Week, owner of Modern Grit Apparel, and YouTube content creator who is empowering others through his positive mindset strategies.

People of Winston: Donnie Cowart

Get to know Donnie Cowart, a co-owner of Crazy Running and one of the top athletes in the area.