Burgers Galore

When only a juicy burger will do, these restaurants have you covered.


Foothills Brew Pub

Foothills Brewing Brew Pub is the original establishment of the Foothills empire. Located on 4th Street, it has served as an anchor for the craft beer movement in Winston-Salem, and it remains a consistent favorite. With a full bar menu in addition to their bar, the Brew Pub is a great place to go for a burger & beer or an evening out.

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Quiet Pint Tavern

Great spot for drinks after work. Perfect for beer and burger lovers.

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Hops Burger Bar

A great burger joint that makes burgers in 3 different sizes. Weekly specialty burgers mean that the menu never gets boring.

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Campus Gas WFU

A historic gas station that has been renovated into a modern bar and grill with awesome hot dogs and burgers. Campus Gas hosts a coffee shop during the day (Known Coffee Co.), and this symbiotic relationship works for the WFU crowd. It’s a great spot for a quick lunch or a few beers.

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Cin Cin Burger Bar

Tucked in the corner between Ardmore and Downtown, Cin Cin was the first in Winston to do adult milkshakes (i.e. milkshakes with booze!). They offer a larger menu than just burgers, but we definitely suggest you try a burger and milkshake when you go.

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