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Plan a Dog-Friendly Trip to Winston-Salem


One of our favorite perks of living in Winston is how dog friendly this community is. The travel industry as a whole is trending towards a pet-friendly experience, and Winston has been quick to stay ahead of the curve. There are many ways to include your pet while you visit our fine city, and to give you a bit of inspiration we’ve outlined some suggestions here:


1. Lodging

Winston-Salem boasts many unique and (you guessed it) pet friendly lodging options. We personally love the Cardinal Kimpton Hotel. Located downtown, this pet-friendly hotel is within walking distance of Bailey Park and the Long Branch Trail, so you’ll have easy access to places to walk your dog. The Cardinal Kimpton Hotel pet policy is that if you can get it through the door it can stay, so don’t rule out your peacocks or chickens!


2. Connect with a local pet care company

When you book at the Cardinal Kimpton Hotel, ask them about their partnership with a local pet care company. They’ll connect you with their trusted pet care partner in Winston-Salem: Ardmore Dog Walking & Pet Services. Ardmore Dog Walking will work with you during your stay at the Kimpton Hotel - whether that means meeting you out somewhere to snag your dog for a long walk to actually staying in the room with your dog for an extended length of time if you need to go out!


3. Get out and explore with your pooch

 There are many dog-friendly places in Winston Salem. Here are some of our favorites:

  • West Salem Public House – this dog-friendly bar serves up a great selection of local beer on tap and a curated wine list. They even have a fenced in back yard area so your dog can get in some quality sniffs.
  • West Bend Winery– this  beautiful winery is right outside of Winston. Their outdoor area is pet friendly, and they often have live music.
  • Foothills Tap Room - one of Winston Salem’s staples is the Foothills Brewery and while the downtown location isn’t pet-friendly other than the outdoor patio, the tap room is pet-friendly inside and out.
  • Tanglewood Dog Park - a gorgeous, huge dog park is just 15 minutes from downtown. Your dog may meet a new best friend, and will 10/10 will tire themselves out for the rest of the day.
  • Joymongers – We love the beer at this local brewery and we love all the pups we see there. Bring a board game to enjoy alongside your brews and pup! They often have a food truck parked there too.
  • Walk Salem Lake - This flat 7 mile loop will help both you and your pup get some exercise with great views.

Once you have your schedule of dog friendly places, go ahead and plan a couple things without them! You can sort by location and cuisine type on the Eat & Drink page. Then, plan pet care (Ardmore Dog Walking & Pet Sitting is our top pick!) help to bridge the gap with scheduled walks or in-home pet sitting. We suggest grabbing dinner at Vin205 or Mozelles (make a reservation), and getting a pre- or post-dinner drink after at the Sir Winston Loft Wine Bar or Fair Witness. With all the dog-friendly adventures available, your pup will probably enjoy a couple hours to get some shut eye while you head out!





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