Gluten-Free Eating in Winston-Salem: Top Spots

By: Emily LeBaron
There's no need to feel limited in dining out in Winston-Salem if you are gluten-free. There are a multitude of choices in restaurants and bakeries: safe for those who have Celiac disease, are gluten-intolerant, or just choose to not eat gluten based on preference!

**Restaurants that are marked as Celiac-friendly are based on experience; these businesses can guarantee no cross-contamination and those we know with Celiac have eaten at these locations safely.  As many know, just make sure to inform your server if you do have Celiac disease when ordering!




What to order: We love their bacon-wrapped filet!

Notes: So many gluten-free, celiac-friendly options here! Even the mixed drinks are labeled gluten-free. The menu has all GF items marked clearly. 

River Birch Lodge


What to order: We love that you can have things that are fried (like their awesome french fries) and also enjoy dessert here (like their crème brûlée).  Their salmon salads, pulled pork sandwich and penne pasta dish are also favorites. 

Notes: Separate gluten-free menu. Gluten-free bread (including buns!)  and pasta available.

Mozelle’s Fresh Southern Bistro


What to order: Anything fried, like the fried pickles or fried chicken! All fried items are gluten-free, which is a rare find at many restaurants.

Notes: Gluten-free items notated on menu. 

Brixx Wood-Fired Pizza + Craft Bar


What to order: Any of their gluten-free pizzas are good, but we really like their Margherita and BBQ chicken!

Notes: Pizzas are cooked on a separate tray so there is no chance of cross-contamination.

Mellow Mushroom


What to order: Absolutely ANY of their gluten-free pizzas! Most of their pizzas on the regular menu can be made on their gluten-free crust.

Notes: Mellow’s GF crust is crispy but not dry, unlike a lot of other gluten-free pizzas.

The Porch 

What to order: The naked burrito bowl is unbelievable! Their tortilla chips are made from corn and for their taco selections, many can be created with corn tortillas if you ask!

Notes: Gluten-free items aren’t highlighted on the menu, so just ask your server for naturally gluten-free items.


Baked Just So


What to order: It’s hard to choose! Their gluten-free sammies, brownies, scones and muffins are all delicious.  You can also custom-order GF cupcakes or cakes for your next big event. 

Notes: This bakery’s gluten-free, celiac-friendly menu has items that don’t really ‘taste’ gluten-free.  Such a treat!

To Your Health Bakery


What to order: You have to try their GF cinnamon buns and doughnuts!

Notes: This bakery is a dedicated gluten-free facility, so there is no chance of cross-contamination. You can place custom-orders for cakes, cupcakes and more!

Louie and Honey’s Kitchen

What to order: Their rice krispy treats and Nanaimo bars are naturally gluten-free and amazing!

Notes: Menu items change daily; follow them on social media to check out their latest gluten-free goodies!

More Options To Try


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