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of Winston-Salem
One of Winston-Salem’s oldest neighborhoods, Ardmore began in the early 1900s as a suburb of the newly-merged cities of Winston...
Neighborhood Guide Best of Ardmore
Buena Vista
Full of stately homes that were built with old tobacco money, Buena Vista is a beautiful, old neighborhood. Buena Vista,...
Neighborhood Guide Best of Buena Vista
Winston-Salem's downtown is a large area, full of streets with their own personality. Head to Burke Street for shopping, or...
Best of Downtown
East Winston
Home to the popular Quarry Park, Winston-Salem State University, and more, East Winston is full of personality.
Best of East Winston
Industry Hill
Industry Hill is not a neighborhood – yet – but it has big plans of becoming one. Branded to create...
Best of Industry Hill
Innovation Quarter
The Innovation Quarter is the fastest growing part of town, with huge plans to expand and connect to East Winston...
Neighborhood Guide Best of Innovation Quarter
Old Salem
Talk about charm: Old Salem was originally settled by the Moravians in 1766, and most of the buildings date to...
Neighborhood Guide Best of Old Salem
Reynolda Village
The little buildings that make up Reynolda Village itself were once the outbuildings of the Reynolda House. Now, the entire...
Best of Reynolda Village
Washington Park
Washington Park is a recognized historic district that lies to the south of downtown and contains beautiful, historic homes dating...
Best of Washington Park
West End
The West End is the neighborhood most directly bordering downtown, with houses covering the hills leading away from the main...
Neighborhood Guide Best of West End
West Salem
Originally created with farmsteads for the Old Salem settlement, West Salem now has become a beehive of community growth. With...
Best of West Salem
WFU Vicinity
Though not an entirely distinct neighborhood, the space that surrounds Wake Forest University is highly influenced by its proximity to...
Best of WFU Vicinity

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