Schools in Winston-Salem

Here is an overview of the schools available in Winston-Salem, with key information about the public schools and a list of the private schools in town.

Public Schools

The Winston-Salem/Forsyth Country School System, or WSFCS for short, is the all-encompassing public school system in town. Here are some highlights about the school system:

  • There are 41 elementary schools, 15 middle schools, 18 high schools, and 7 specialty schools.
  • Districtwide, 33.6% of the students are white; 29.8% are African-American; 28.4% are Hispanic; 5.4% are multiracial; 2.5% are Asian; and less than 1% are American Indian or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.

School Choice + Magnet Schools

  • Currently, WSFCS runs on a “school-choice” system, which is VERY unique to our district. Based on one’s home address, each child is given a set of schools that are considered “in zone.” Parents may select any school for their child to attend that is considered “in zone.” Here is a list of the school zones.
  • Parents may also apply for their child to attend any school of their choice, even if it’s not considered “in zone;” requests are generally granted as long as there is space at the school. Most schools are not full, so generally a child can attend any school that the parents request (depending on the year, there are exceptions to this).
  • WSFCS also offers magnet and specialty schools. Parents must apply to these programs in order for their child to be enrolled in the special program. Spots in these special programs can be harder to get, and the enrollment period begins as early as November. Here is a list of the specialty and magnet schools.
  • There is also a popular charter school, The Arts Based School, that operates separately from WSFCS but is publicly funded. The Arts Based School requires an early application for admission, but spots are given based on lottery picks.

Private Schools

Summit School

  • Pre-K through 9th grade

Forsyth Country Day

  • Pre-K through 12th grade

Winston-Salem Christian School

  • Pre-K through 12th grade
  • Christian school

Redeemer School

  • Pre-K through 8th grade
  • Christian school

Calvary Day School

  • Pre-K through 12th grade
  • Christian school

Salem Baptist Christian School

  • Pre-K through 12th grade
  • Christian school

St. Leo’s Catholic School

  • Pre-K through 8th grade
  • Catholic school

Bishop McGuinness High School

  • 9th through 12th grade
  • Catholic school

Salem Academy

  • 9th through 12th grade
  • Boarding and day school for girls

Day Cares & Preschools

To be honest, Winston-Salem does not have many full-time childcare options readily available. Waiting lists can be long, and the options are quite limited. Here is a short list of some recommended non-preschool (i.e. longer than 4 hours) child care options.

Infant and up:

  • Foundations Early Learning Center – Poplar Street location is most well-known, but they also have a location in the Innovation Quarter
  • Bright Horizons – Located directly next to the Wake Forest Atrium Baptist Hospital, this is a very popular program but the wait list is always long

For 18 months and up:

Age 2 and up:

  • Forsyth Country Day – They have a pre-school program that starts at age 2, with a core day of 9-2:30 and after care till 6 pm, plus a full day summer program

Age 3 and up:


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