People of Winston: DJ Hargrave

Leslie Williams
Get to know this co-owner of Twin City Fashion Week, owner of Modern Grit Apparel, and YouTube content creator who is empowering others through his positive mindset strategies.

DJ Hargrave is a dynamic force. As co-owner of Twin City Fashion Week, owner of Modern Grit Apparel, and a YouTube content creator, he sets out to empower others through positive mindset strategies and promotion of the fashion industry.  His content demonstrates a man dedicated to strong work ethic, disciplined measures towards growth, and mindset strengthening. 

As a freshman in college, Hargrave started sharing his passion for men’s fashion through a blog. Within months, he had major brands reaching out to form partnerships. He supplemented his fashion knowledge by interning with the Greensboro fashion week and obtaining a degree in strategic marketing. Upon graduation, he moved back to Winston, a city showing promising growth and innovation. In 2019 he became co-owner of Twin City Fashion Week. 

“Helping people is what it really comes down to,” said Hargrave about his involvement in fashion week. He has witnessed fashion week create opportunities for participants to gain greater exposure in the fashion industry, bring new customers to local businesses, help models get signed, allow opportunities for jobs and internships, and have people try new restaurants.

Hargrave and his two business partners work year round to create a curated fashion event. They receive nearly 100 applications from designers, including some from international locations, in addition to applications from models, hair and make-up artists, and volunteers. He is consistently working on graphic design and marketing tools as well as building community and business partnerships for the event.

Throughout his lifetime, friends and colleagues kept noticing that Hargrave had a positive mindset and mental strength in all that he did. As a response, he decided to create a YouTube account with the tag line “self improvement and affordable style for the modern man.”

“I don’t want to put stuff out there that doesn’t provide solutions. It’s easy to read content around positivity and mindset to feel good, but I like to implement strategies,” said Hargrave. 

To add to his accolades, Hargrave also created his own line of athletic apparel, Modern Grit Apparel. The tiger logo on the brand reflects a sense of strength and independence, seen in the creator himself. In all that he does, Hargrave demonstrates mature composure and balanced self discipline while also inviting you into shared joy and light. 

Hargrave concludes with “knowing that one person was helped is what motivates me, with everything really.”

Mach 16, 2022