Best Parks & Playgrounds

by Tiffani Arbogast
With so many parks and playgrounds to choose from, here's a look at our favorite spots in and around Winston-Salem!

Best All-Purpose Parks

Miller Park

Come take a walk through this picturesque park with two nature trails (1 mile & .5 mile). Miller Park is a great place to take a break from city life while being surrounded by towering trees and a gentle flowing creek. You can also stop by the fitness area for a quick work out or the fenced playground to let the kids run around. 

  • Park features: Playground, Recreation Center, Nature Trails, Creek Area, Tennis Courts, Bocce Courts, Par Course, Horseshoe Pits, Ball Diamond, Picnic Shelters & Grills, Fitness Area
  • Address: 400 Leisure Ln, Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Tanglewood Park

As one of  the largest parks in the Forsyth County area, Tanglewood has it all! From several miles of walking trails, bike trails, and horse trails, to swimming pools and a splash pad, there is something for everyone to do. Right outside the park, there is a small nature trail called The Little Walden Trail that is also a must-do. Tanglewood is worth the drive.

  • Park features: Playground, Horseback Riding, Golf Course, Dog Park, Event Venues, Stationary Train, Walking/Biking Paths, Tennis Courts, BMX Track, Lakes, Pool, Festival of Lights (Seasonal). 
  • Address: 4061 Clemmons Rd, Clemmons, NC 27012
  • Entry cost: $2 per vehicle

Washington Park

Right outside the heart of downtown, this sizable park has a ton of amenities! Bring your dog to walk through the nature trails (1 mile & .5 mile) and stop by the dog park. You can also try out the DINOSAUR themed playground, which your children are guaranteed to enjoy. Don’t forget to hop onto the Salem Creek Greenway that will take you all the way to Salem Lake.

  • Park features: Amphitheater, Basketball Court, Ball Diamond, Par Course, Picnic Shelters, & Grills
  • Address: 1490 Broad St, Winston Salem, NC 27127

Best Themed Playgrounds

Leinbach Park: Ship

All aboard the USS Leinbach! Leinbach’s playground resembles a large ship with a captain’s tower at the top and a helm to “steer” it in the right direction. The giant rope swing makes for a fun addition to this sea themed playground. 

  • Park features: Grill, Picnic Shelters, Tennis Courts, Volleyball Court, and a walking trail (.5 mile). 
  • Address: 3635 Sally Kirk Rd, Winston Salem, NC 27101

Oak Summit Park: Space Shuttle

3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF! to this space shuttle themed playground at Oak Summit Park! Containing two playground structures with hints of the space theme everywhere, this is one you can’t miss if you have kids. Your future astronauts will enjoy taking off down the 3-story slides or rocking on the mini space shuttles.

  • Park features: Walking trail (.22 mile), Soccer Fields, Tennis Courts, Ball Diamonds, Picnic Shelters, and Grills.
  • Address: 406 Oak Summit Rd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105

Hathaway Park: Castle

Transport yourself to medieval times with this castle themed playground. Your princes & princesses will enjoy climbing the towers to the steeples and escaping quickly down the slides. On a hot day, they can head over to the connected splash pad to cool off.

  • Park features: Playground with rubber matting, Swings, Baseball Diamond, Tennis & Basketball Court, Picnic Shelter and Grill
  • Address: 301 Anita Dr, Winston Salem, NC 27104

Other Themed Playgrounds:  

Best Parks with Splash Pads

Polo Park

If you live in the Wake Forest University area, Polo Park is a quick stop for a little bit of fun during those hot summer days! Containing a fenced-in playground area, a pool, and a splash pad, you could spend the entire day at this park. There is a small fee for entrance to the pool area ($1).

  • Park features: Tennis court, Picnic Tables, & Recreation center.
  • Address: 1850 Polo Rd, Winston Salem, NC 27101
  • Entrance Fee for pool: $1

Little Creek Park

Tucked away into the back of a quiet neighborhood, this 34-acre park has a charming splash pad right next to the fenced-in playground and picnic shelter. A great park to host a birthday party!

  • Park Features: Baseball Diamond, Basketball & Tennis Court, Picnic Shelter & Grill, Recreation Center, Soccer Field, & a Walking Trail (.46 miles) with connection to Little Creek Greenway. 
  • Address: 600 Foxcroft Dr, Winston Salem, NC 27101

Happy Hill Park

Conveniently located near Old Salem and right off of the Salem Creek Greenway, you will find this bright and colorful park! It features a fun playground and a delightful splash pad. Additionally, this is one of the only parks you will find with a running/walking track!

  • Park features: Recreation Center, Picnic Shelter, Grill, & Locker Rooms
  • Address: 1230 Alder St. Winston-Salem, NC 27102

Other Splash Pads:

  • Bolton
  • Hathaway
  • Sedge Garden
  • Tanglewood
  • Parkland
  • Rupert Bell
  • Winston Lake
  • Jerry King

Best Parks with Adult Fitness Areas (Parcourse)

Bolton Park

If you make a trip to Hanes Mall, why not stop at Bolton Park to get a little exercise in before you head home? This park contains a parcourse that is .25 miles long with outdoor exercise equipment under a shelter. During the summer season, you can cool off right after your workout by heading to the Bolton Park pool!

  • Park features: Playground (under construction), Picnic Shelters, Swimming Pool, Splash Pad, Walking Trail, & Volleyball area
  • Address: 1590 Bolton St, Winston Salem, NC 27101

Shaffner Park

Shaffner park features a playground and a long par course at 1.136 miles, however they are actually on opposite sides of Silas Creek (type in Parcourse Parking Area on Google maps to get to the fitness course). As you walk this trail, you will see signs with exercises and how to do them! 

  • Park features: Silas Creek Greenway Access, Tennis Courts, Soccer Fields, Creek Access
  • Address: 900 Yorkshire Rd, Winston Salem, NC 27101 (playground)

Other Parks with Parcourse:

  • Miller
  • Washington
  • Blum-Blanding
  • Salem Lake
  • Winston Lake
  • Kimberley
  • Belview

Best Parks with Lakes

CG Hill Memorial

Along with the 2.5-acre lake at CG Hill Memorial park, the towering 500-year-old Hollow Poplar Tree is a highlight of the park! This park would be an exceptional one to have pictures taken at since it features a gazebo and beautiful trees. 

  • Park Features: Two walking trails (lower-1825 ft, upper- 2337 ft), Picnic Tables, Playground with rubber matting, Swings, Gazebo Courtyard
  • Address: 5600 Balsom Rd, Pfafftown, NC 27040

Salem Lake Park

Featuring a 365-acre lake, Salem Lake Park is a perfect place to go fishing, kayaking, or simply admire the lake. It is currently under construction, so you may want to call ahead to see if rentals, fishing, or the playground are open to the public. 

  • Park features: Playground (renovated), Salem Creek Greenway Access, Grill, Picnic Shelters, & Walking Trail (7 mile). 
  • Address: 815 Salem Lake, Winston Salem, NC 27101

Other Parks with Lakes:

  • Winston Lake
  • Quarry at Grant Park
  • Tanglewood

Best Parks with Greenway Access

Jamison Park

This newer park has some neat natural playscape and playground features, such as wooden balance beams and stumps to climb on. Bring your pup to stop by the dog park and take a nice walk on the Muddy Creek Greenway. 

  • Park Features: Walking trails, Picnic Shelter & Grills. 36 acres.
  • Address: 285 Meadowlark Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Quarry at Grant Park

This park has the best view in Winston-Salem! You can enjoy a picnic in the large open field or admire the beautiful deep blue water from the pier that extends past the edge of the quarry. Currently, part of it is under construction for an upcoming playground installation. Don’t forget to take a walk on the Peachtree Greenway or Waughtown Connector! 

  • Park features: Picnic Tables, Overview, Playground is currently being built
  • Address: 1790 Quarry Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Other Parks with Greenway Access:

  • Shaffner connected Silas Creek Greenway
  • Historic Bethabara Park connected to Bethabara Greenway
  • Little Creek connected to Little Creek Greenway
  • Bailey Park connected to Long Branch Greenwa\y
  • Winston Lake Park & Skyland Park connected to Newell Massey Greenway
  • Kimberely Park connected to Gateway Commons Greenway Loop
  • Salem Lake, Reynolds Park, Central Park, Happy Hill, & Washington Park connected to Salem Creek Greenway

More Fun Parks to Try:

  • Union Cross Park
  • Hanes Park
  • Reynolds Park
  • Jack Warren Park
  • Joanie Moser Park