Where to Host Your Next Book Club

Looking for a good place to host your next book club (that's not your house)? Here's our round up, including options for both small and large groups. Happy reading!

Eastern Standard

Featuring a sophisticated vibe, Eastern Standard is a great option for a smaller book club (think 4-6 people). There are several seating areas available, and you won’t have to fight for space if you’re meeting on a weekday evening. Grab a glass of wine or cocktail and a small charcuterie plate for the perfect accompaniment to good discussion.

West Salem Public House

Claim one of the long tables inside the cozy West Salem Public House or – when the weather is nice – a picnic table and adirondack chairs outside. They have a well-curated list of beer and wine for the evening or coffee for your daytime book club (plus plenty of nonalcoholic beverage options at all times). Hosting book club at West Salem Public House is just easy for any size group any time of the week.


There’s a perfect little seating area with cozy couches tucked inside Theodore’s, and if you’re lucky enough to snag it, it’s ideal for book clubs. The whimsical, vintage decor is reminiscent of southern Europe and feels snug. Because Theodore’s offers a full bar along with a lunch-y menu, it is a great choice for the midday or afternoon get-togethers.

Vintage Sofa Bar

While it can get loud later in the evenings, Vintage Sofa Bar is a fun option for a smaller book club post-work, pre-dinner. There are several seating nooks, and the drinks are top-notch. When the weather is cool, Vintage Sofa Bar has fire pits with plenty of chairs to pull around.

Bitty & Beau’s

If you’re looking for a coffee-shop vibe but with a private area, Bitty & Beau’s offers a free community room you can reserve within their space. Make sure to book in advance so you get the times you want!


This coffee and cocktail combo spot has two major things working to its advantage: 1.) Footnote literally shares a wall with a bookstore, and 2.) Footnote has so much space. Since they do put on lots of events here, be sure to check their calendar, but otherwise you are guaranteed plenty of space to spread out.

And if you’re looking for a book club to join, check out our Best of Winston Book Club here!


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