People of Winston Stories

People of Winston: Cashavelly Morrison

Get to know Cashavelly Morrison, a musician on Rolling Stone’s list of “Artists You Need to Know.”

People of Winston: David Mullen

Get to know David Mullen, president and partner at The Variable, a major ad agency based in Winston.

People of Winston: Hannah Gaskins Pabon

Get to know Hannah Gaskins Pabon, an artist who is dedicated to the creative life.

People of Winston: Isaac Oliver

Get to know Isaac Oliver, a farmer who loves to feed the community with good food.

People of Winston: Jeff Smith

Get to know Jeff Smith, or “Smitty” as many know him, who is the community organizer behind the popular Smitty’s Notes newsletter.

People of Winston: Jenni Hopkins

Get to know Jenni Hopkins, who used her artistry to create a meaningful brand with authentic messages.

People of Winston: Lawren Desai

Get to know Lawren Desai, the visionary who began a/perture cinema and has put film front and center in Winston-Salem.

People of Winston: Max Dubinsky

Get to know Max Dubinsky, owner and curator of Fancy Groceries in Ardmore.

People of Winston: Temoura Jefferies

Get to know Temoura Jefferies, an entrepreneur who began the Buy Black Guide.