West End

This historic neighborhood abutting downtown is known for its stately, quirky homes and mixed-style houses. Recently, more businesses have opened up making it even more of a destination.

Welcome to the West End

The West End is one of the oldest, most historic parts of Winston-Salem. It’s actually a national historic district that was built as a planned suburb of Winston at the turn of the 20th century. (It’s funny to think of it as a suburb now, because its proximity is so close to downtown by today’s standards, but when it was built West End residents were able to easily travel to and from downtown by streetcar.) 

West End’s buildings and homes date back to as early as 1887, encompassing many beautiful styles of architecture like Classical Revival, Queen Anne, and American Craftsman. These lovely homes make West End a go-to spot in Winston-Salem when it comes to finding a house that’s loaded with character. Additionally, the neighborhood is also home to a collection of wonderful restaurants, breweries, and shops.

The West End offers the best of everything. Our community is diverse and from all walks of life.  One of my favorite activities is to relax on our front people with a glass of wine and socialize with neighbors out enjoying our beautiful community.

– V. Person-Goral

Our Favorite West End Spots

The West End continues to grow. Check out this list of what local businesses are located in the West End.
Get to know Hanes Park, one of the city's most beloved green spaces.
Visit the West End Association's website for additional resources and events happening in the area.

More about the West End

The West End is full of history, tradition, and personality.

  • Burke Street – this street has the highest density of bars and retail in the area
  • West End Mill Works – don’t miss out on this funky section of town with 2 bars, the best Tex-Mex, and more 
  • The Mistletoe Run – this half marathon & 5 k race is put on by the William G. White YMCA every December, and it begins in the West End
  • Grace Court – a small urban park, Grace Court is a nice place for a picnic (especially if you can snag a spot in its gazebo)

When Joymongers Brewing Co was looking for a second home, West End was the perfect neighborhood: historic, friendly, close-knit, & in the heart of Winston-Salem. In 2018 we renovated & restored a 90 year old garage for our new taproom, creating a neighborhood gathering place to enjoy our local, craft beer with family & friends. 

– J. Jones, co-owner