Dig Into Moravian Culture

The Moravians founded Salem; get to know them better by visiting these locations – both histoircal and tasty!



A charming, original Moravian settlement! It is the’only remaining independent, continuously active Moravian village in the South. Well worth a visit.’

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Winkler’s Bakery

This charming bakery in the heart of Old Salem is the oldest continually operating bakery in America!

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Old Salem

The historic town of Salem has been preserved and restored – an authentic view of the rich cultural history of early Southern life! Old Salem is such a cute place to wander and explore.

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Dewey’s Bakery

Dewey’s is the classic bakery of Winston-Salem. Known for it’s Moravian Sugar Cake just as much as its cake squares, they have a huge offering in their Thruway shop. Plus, they offer ice cream! And small gifts and cards!

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Bethabara Park

Beautiful park by an old Moravain village. Stop by for the Highland Games or concert series, hikes, or to visit the archaeological site of the Bethabara Mill.

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