Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Decadent + delicious – these places hit the sweet spot with our favorite dessert options!


To Your Health Bakery

A completely gluten-free bakery that makes the most delicious treats you can imagine. 

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Ta’Nisha Monique Cupcakes

A bakery downtown with homemade cupcakes- baked by three generations of women led by the store’s namesake and celebrity baker- Ta’Nisha Monique.

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Reynolda Village

Reynolda Village is an adorable little grouping of shops and restaurants right next to Wake Forest University. There is a great running trail that connects the Village to WFU, and there is also a trail that circles the Reynolda House lawn and field.

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Dough Joe’s Doughnuts & Coffee

Dough-Joe’s is a family owned business serving up the best made-to-order doughnuts in town. Nestled in Reynolda Village, the warm, inviting atmosphere (along with the smell of fried dough) makes for the perfect spot to spend an entire morning. They offer a variety of tasty glazes and toppings for your freshly fried doughnut, and each one is out of this world. There’s also a full coffee bar and a case filled with assorted baked goods.

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A shop off Knollwood Street that sells Philadelphia water ice (also known as Italian ice outside of Philadelphia), ice cream, and soft pretzels.

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A specialty chocolate, fudge and ice cream shop located in Thruway.

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The Humble Bee Shoppe

Great macarons and a shockingly good black bean brownie. Plenty of vegan & gluten-free options.

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Greek Village Market

Family-owned and operated mini-market that sells imported products from Greece and surrounding countries. Their food is authentic- from Spanakopita to the grape leaves to the baklava.

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